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Sunday, 1 January 2017

15 Deretan Album Indonesia Terbaik 2016

Perubahan dan pergeseran zaman memang tak bisa dielakkan oleh siapapun. Mereka yang enggan mengikutinya dipastikan akan tertinggal dari persaingan. Sadar akan hal itu, Musisi terus menyesuaikan cara dalam melahirkan karya. Mereka sadar betul bahwa karya tidak melulu soal produk, tapi juga dituntut memiliki imajinasi, wawasan dan kreativitas. Sudah tentu aspek-aspek tersebut perlu diasah. 
Dengan segala kerendahan hati, Ijinkan kami mempersembahkan 15 album terbaik tahun 2016 yang telah kami pertimbangkan dengan matang dibawah ini :
1. Rajasinga – III
Oh, III  is a dynamic release that shows their crushing, The new album being  artistic and powerful. It’s solid and intense,a turning point for Rajasinga and an impressive handful of songs to add to setlist.
2. FromHell -  March Of Gravitation
FromHell has delivered a solid, well-crafted album that’s sure to be a hit.
3. Deadsquad – Tyranation
Pick up this album. gets that chance. Almost every track carries a similar tempo and mood, but they give a terrific retrospective of the band’s previous decade of history.
4. Funeral Inception – The Unbroken Legion
With "The Unbroken Legion",Funeral Inception have written an album not only worthy of being listed among some of the greats in the discography, but among some of the greats of the Deathmetal genre itself.
5. The Trees And The Wild –Zaman
I love the powerful tone of the guitar,and the moments between greatness will hold the listeners’ attention long enough not to miss them.While the album itself isn’t awful,it does make you wish they mature for their full-length to create the album they’ recapable of creating.
6. Warmouth – Pariah
Warmouth will give you something creative and different from your usual praise music. And it never hurts that it helps missions around the world.
7. AK//47 – Verba Volant Scripta Manent
“Verba Volant Scripta Manent” is an intense, Awesome sporadic and chaotic. Well, welcome to your most enjoyed grindcore album in a longtime.
8. Pargochy – Tribe
this is a strong release from a really good Death Metal
9. Dewa Budjana–Zentuary
sound as warm and soulful as the day they were made.
10. Stigmatuary – Decimation Of Psyche
“Psyche Of Decimation”shows potential to be a stand out 
11. Blodwen – XII
It’s an overly impressive musical  which the band brings alive.
12. Paranoid Despire–Nebolous
This album an excellent for one of the new comer Death Metal band. Listening to paranoid despire is insanely fun experience for as future Death Metal band that were more focused on atmosphere than technical precision, Their bring a very important step in the evolution towards the increasingly more aggressive Death Metal.
13. Range Of Mutilated – Post Traumatic Perish
Range Of Mutilated is demonstrating new ways to create incredibly brutal music without breaking barriers within listeners as to what defines Brutal Death Metal.
14. Anorgasm – Mass Murder For Intercourse
Anorgasm unwillingness to compromise wonderfully about the experience of listening to “Mass Murder For Intercourse”  though and as the resonate across your speakers,you will find yourself raising a fist in honor of the best new comer . For fans : Jasad, Suffocation dan Disgorge
15. Witch Motor Inn - Dawn at the Witch Motor Inn
Witch Motor Inn  has its sites set firmly on Psychedelic Rock perfection, and there isn’t any time for compromise. By sticking to their new leader, the band has created their identity. The way Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard would have it. They may be a new band, but their commitment is veteran.
Honorable Mentions :
Hellcrust - Kalamaut, Panic Disorder - Daimonion, Proceus - Proceus, Speedkill - Buas, Valerian - Stardust Revelation, Labium Minora - Coryphaeus Spreader Hatred & Disfare - Disfare.


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